Finance and operations for the specialty aftermarket.

Driven Performance Advisors brings finance and operations expertise to owners of specialty aftermarket garages to maximize profits and save you time.

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Optimized finances and operations in your garage can bring you...

  • A steady stream of 5-star customer reviews

  • Technicians lining up to work for you

  • Profitable pricing

  • Extra cash to use for R&D, tools, equipment, or wages

  • Efficient processes that are easy to follow for any team member

  • Freedom to take a day off, a week's holiday, or a month's sabbatical with the confidence that your garage will run smoothly without you

  • Featured builds at the SEMA Show, Goodwood Festival of Speed, and Tokyo Auto Salon

  • High morale and performance from your team

  • A clear and strategic understanding of your financial performance and goals

  • Unique branding strategies that set you apart from your competition

  • A differentiated customer experience that makes your garage truly special

  • A clean, organized, and inviting workshop

  • Reliable, consistent data about your garage performance, customers, and vehicles

  • Product testing, development, and distribution partnerships with manufacturers

Using our comprehensive Garage Business Health Check, we identify every area of improvement to optimize the finances and operations of your garage to increase financial performance and save you time, enabling you to focus on your cars and customers.

We are committed to the future of the automotive aftermarket. As car enthusiasts, we have a shared love and an appreciation for the passion we've turned into work. It is our mission to ensure that your business enhances that passion, rather than poisons it.

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Rely on your business to perform.

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Arun Coumar has lived and breathed cars for his entire life. He began working with automotive aftermarket companies in 2018 and founded Driven Performance Advisors in 2020.

Arun combines an operations and finance consulting background with an innate appreciation of the automotive aftermarket, having grown up in and around garages as a customer and enthusiast.


He brings an understanding of exactly what makes your customers happy and knows what it takes to run a successful garage after managing turnaround efforts earlier in his career.

Arun started his career as an operations and finance consultant at PwC. He holds a degree in Accounting from Santa Clara University, is earning his MBA from London Business School, and is a licensed CPA in California.

Driven Performance Advisors currently operates in the UK and western US.

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