Growth for the automotive aftermarket.

Do you have big goals to grow, but want some support in making it happen?

Arun Coumar of Driven Performance Advisors creates profitable, efficient, and stress-free $5M shops. I provide best practices in strategic planning, financial management, and operational efficiency. 

I help shop owners increase profit and decrease their stress.

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Let me tell you a story about my first client - From the outside, the big-name performance and wrap shop in London was doing great.

On the inside, there was financial stress, cultural stress, and constant pressure to do 2 day's worth of work in 1 day to make ends meet.

The owner was considering throwing in the towel. On the other hand, he wanted to take things to the next level - expand the business, double the shop space, and move into parts sales.

I first found this shop as a customer. In talking with the owner, I said that he must love being surrounded by all these fast cars. He didn't. 


My background as a finance and operations consultant gives me a fine eye for process. I specialize in everything that goes on behind the scenes.


I saw that the business wasn't backed up by the strong financial and operational foundation that I expected from the brand. It was clearly causing the owner to reconsider his career.

Having been a customer in specialty shops all over the world - chasing my lifelong passion for cars - I had an idea of what made a good shop and parts business work, and what causes me to continue spending money on parts and services to fulfill my passion.

I offered to help. I saw the potential in the brand to grow and influence the British BMW/Audi/Mercedes world in top speed, acceleration, and style.

In the next 6 months, the shop received:

  • New processes, which increased efficiency in dealing with customers and get jobs out the door faster and with higher, consistent quality.

  • Reallocated responsibilities in the team to make sure people are handling responsibilities that match their skills and goals. The staff is happy and working well as a team.

  • Accounting and financial data gathering to make informed decisions to reduce costs, invest in new equipment, and eventually move to a new location with confidence, rather than blindness.

  • A refined shop strategy to focus operations on what really made the shop successful and bring in the cash by relying on their wheelhouse.

  • And a web designer to open a website dedicated to parts sales, moving the owner closer to his goals.

The shop was able to move from an 8,000 square foot facility to 18,000 square feet.

The owner was able to focus on growing the business with passion, rather than desperation.

The team grew from 8 people to 11 people, creating new jobs and setting the business up for growth.

From this success, Driven Performance Advisors was born.

I am passionate about helping the specialty automotive aftermarket thrive. I appreciate every business in the industry, from a one-man-band in his garage to an international parts manufacturer.

You started your business from nothing and grew it to where it is today. Adaptability, grit, and moving fast got you where you are today. I commend you for that - you've already done what very few businesses in this industry are able to do.

But you aren't done. You have bigger goals to serve most customers, expand into more markets, and continue growing the business to $10M or $100M in sales.

Now is the time to bring in some structure. I live on structure.

Efficient processes, clear strategy, and strong financial management are a requirement of any business as it grows beyond a startup. You have to build a talented team, make calculated investments, and spend your time wisely.

No more packing boxes. No more spending all day on the shop floor. To grow this business, you need resources, and you need to lead.

I serve as your advisor and your hired gun. I have been there before. I have seen the problems you're facing. I know what you're going through and I will go through it with you.

My ShOptimizer growth program originated in specialty aftermarket shops, but has expanded to encompass all businesses in the performance and restyling industry. The program provides proven, tangible strategies, resources, and processes to business owners that bring me on. 


I am a responsive, accountable, trustworthy, and passionate partner who will push you to get where you want to go.

We may even find time for a track day or a car show.

I want to see this industry thrive. And I want to help you make it happen.

- Arun Coumar, Founder of Driven Performance Advisors


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"It's just nice to have someone to talk to about this stuff. Before Arun got here, I didn't focus enough on how I was building the business."

- Ray Iqbal, Wrench Studios

"My business partner is just the investor and my accountant doesn't know the industry. It's so helpful to work with someone who understands the business."

- David Vardy, Retro Barne

I am committed to the future of the automotive aftermarket. As car enthusiasts, we have a shared love and an appreciation for the passion we've turned into work. It is my mission to ensure that your business enhances that passion, rather than poisons it.