Rewrite your vision

Are your goals for your shop the same as when you opened? Or have you already achieved those goals, and then gotten so caught up in the day to day that you haven’t written new ones?

I talk to many shop owners who have goals such as remodeling the shop, moving to a bigger, better location, hiring more employees, offering new services, and making more money. My question to them is: to what end?

What are you trying to accomplish? You’re installing films, restyling new cars, restoring old cars, and enhancing performance. You like cars, your customers like cars, and your team likes cars. You’re creating jobs, stimulating the economy, and helping people achieve their dreams.

Why did you start your shop? Is it just a way to make money? Does your day-to-day work excite you? Is it about creating jobs, giving your customers what they want, or winning races?

What I’m trying to say is this: you probably started this business because you like cars. I started my business because I love cars and saw too many shop owners grow to hate cars, because their business became nothing but another job. If you think you’re on your way to that place, this Weekly is for you.

It’s time to rewrite your vision.

Your daily activities should be dictated by a vision. Without one, you cannot differentiate from your competition, you cannot intrinsically motivate your employees, and you cannot build a wildly successful, constantly growing shop that will fund you and your team for the rest of your lives.

A vision must be specific, dynamic, and concise. In writing your vision, start by answering the question: how would you describe your ideal shop in one sentence?

“The premium film installation and detailing studio of Chicago.”

“The Late-Model GM powerhouse of Southern California.”

“The go-to Toyota restyler for Charlotte.”

“We install the longest-lasting tint in Arizona.”

Each of these goals is specific and concise, but we can do even better. Let’s take these “ideal shop” descriptions and turn them into a vision.

“We provide a unique film installation and detailing experience for people who take car care to level 11. This is the last word in quality and education for stand-out exterior design and shine.”

This shop focuses its daily activities in two areas: impeccable quality detailing and installation, and educating its extremely car care-focused customers on long-term design and shine preservation.

“Drive in your GM, showroom fresh to FBO 5th gen, drive out with 1,000 horsepower.”

This shop stays up to date on all new GM products and how to increase power, and makes sure to go to LS Fest each and every year. People bring their cars from all over the country to a shop like this.

“TRD everything.”

Customers are looking for ways to make their Camry stand out. It’s a great car, but very popular. Bring it to this shop, where they focus on sporty cosmetic upgrades for Toyotas that make your car different.

“Lifetime warranty to protect you from heat and UVs.”

This shop focuses on the health benefits of tint. Their customers will always bring new car purchases to this shop, knowing they’ll pay a little more for the best quality material and a lifetime warranty.

Notice the specificity in each of the above visions. Not just a Toyota restyler, but a performance-focused one. Not just a tint shop, but protecting your skin and heat sensitive folks. Not just a GM powerhouse, but versatile for your whole Chevy Z or Cadillac V collection. We won’t just wrap your car, we’ll take the time to explain to you how to keep it perfect and checkup regularly.

What’s your vision? Start with the basic question, then make it more specific. You’ll find more customers, happier employees, and more motivation to come to the shop every day.

In conclusion

If you find yourself dragging along in your shop ownership career, rewrite your vision.

Let me know how it goes – email me at

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