About DPA

That guy posing with all the cars is me, Arun Coumar.

To put it simply, I'm here because I love cars.

When I was 23, I left San Francisco for a smaller city, 50 miles away, and moved into a house, with a garage, a giant driveway, and my best friend, who had been wrenching on his own cars since he was 15, and handing his dad tools under his Chevelle since he could pick them up.

I brought my Infiniti Q50 with all the handling mods, wheels and tires, and plasti-dipped chrome.

The day I moved in, I bought an E46 in San Francisco, which I had to drive 50 miles, in traffic, back home. It was manual. It was my third time driving a car with a clutch.

Within a month, that car was track-prepped and ready for Buttonwillow Raceway Park.

I knew I loved modifying cars, driving them, racing them, researching them, and talking about them with anyone who would listen and share my enthusiasm. But through that experience I also learned that wrenching for me is not a full time job. It's best I leave it to the professionals - YOU.

My experience working in the automotive aftermarket started in 2018, when I helped the predecessor to Klarna to get into an incubator on their way to offer pay-in-four financing options for all aftermarket businesses.

I then worked with multiple manufacturer's racing teams to enter new championships, providing financial and strategic structure to their plans.

Those were side projects. At the time, my full-time job was consulting, helping big corporations with accounting and financial structuring, operational efficiency, and strategy. I got my CPA and learned what it takes to transition a company from a small operation to a business running on strong leadership, clear strategy, systems and processes, and profit. 

In 2020, I left my consulting job and started Driven Performance Advisors. I had a burning desire to take what I learned from my job and apply it to the industry I love.

I want car enthusiasts to have a place to indulge in their passion long into the future, no matter what anti-car laws and regulations are passed. And I need your help to make that happen.

Shop owners are the backbone of the car enthusiast world. You are responsible for every car in the car show, at the drag strip, on the back trails, and on the circuit at a drift event or track day. You put a huge smile on all of our faces with your craftsmanship and abilities. You protect, restore, tune, lower, lift and wrap all day every day so that us car enthusiasts who didn't learn those skills can still enjoy our cars, make them unique, and love what they do.

Thank you for that.

The last thing I want to hear from you is that you're thinking of giving up on your shop, or you don't love cars like you used to. Usually this is caused by financial stress or people problems.

I help shops that are already experiencing these issues, or want to avoid ever experiencing these issues. I use tools, systems, and processes that make shops profitable, efficient, and much less stressful to run. We'll start off with doing your books or implementing a tool, but ultimately I want to be your go-to partner. Your hired gun. Over time we can build a trusting relationship and build your legacy that can influence industry long into the future.

Want to meet me for real? Book a consultation.

Arun started his career as an operations and finance consultant at PwC. He holds a degree in Accounting from Santa Clara University, is earning his MBA from London Business School, and is a licensed CPA in California.

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