How DPA Can Help

I work with aftermarket shop owners who are tapped out with the way their company is running and are ready for a change.


You've worked hard to build the shop to this stage. You have a team, you've learned through experience, and money is coming in the door. All is well, right?

No. You know there are more customers you can serve, cars you can improve, and sales you can close.

At this moment, however, you aren't sure how to reach them. You've been trying to create results, but they aren't coming fast enough. Or they aren't coming at all.

I have a formula for growth that can be applied to any shop. I also have a passion for cars so strong that I have committed my life to this industry, and love supporting everyone who gets enjoyment out of wheels and an engine like I do.

Below I explain the formula that defines my ShOptimizer growth program, refined through the experience of helping several shops and other automotive aftermarket businesses to optimize and grow.

Growth Potential = Direction + Resources + Efficiency

Let me explain.


  • The whole shop is running in harmony.

  • You're clear on what you need to do to hit your goals.

  • Your team understands and is excited that they're part of something big.

You've found a customer market. You've probably found multiple markets. You're selling more products and services than you knew how to sell when you first started out, and you keep finding new ways to deliver to customers.

You're saying yes to every potential customer, because with enough adaptation, tools, and talent, you know you can help.

You have a big shop, tons of staff, and a space full of different tools and materials to handle any customer ask.

Chances are, you're spread thin. Not enough sales knowledge, not enough of the right people.

Strategic focus and direction is the first step to setting your shop up for accelerated growth. You need the clarity to make the right choices for your business to grow. You need information on your performance, you need established culture to guide your team, and you need to invest smartly in the right resources, while minimizing choices that take you off track.

There's less room for the entrepreneurial learning curve now.

That's where advisors like me can help. I provide an outside perspective to assess the market, capabilities, and direction of the shop, and provide you with a 1-year strategic plan to grow your sales through doing what you do best. Nothing cookie cutter about it - it's unique to your shop, market, customers, team, and goals.


  • Imagine confidently buying a new $50,000 machine in cash. No debt required. Further, you have the assurance that it'll pay for itself in 6 months.

  • Your team killed it this year, so you're taking a trip with your team to SEMA or Tokyo Auto Salon, and paying them for it.

  • Next year, you're ready to move to a bigger shop, and you can afford to BUY the building.

You need profit, savings, access to capital, clean books, and a strong, detailed understanding of your finances to comfortably invest in growth. You may think you've got your finances under control right now - I'm here to tell you that 95% of the shop owners I talk to don't see the power of disciplined financial management.

I want you to understand your finances better than your accountant. Let them reduce your taxes, let your bookkeeper keep the numbers organized, and focus on using the data to make your shop stronger.

As a CPA and former banker, I know the numbers. In the next step in the ShOptimizer growth program, you receive 3 years of clean, CPA-prepared financials, training to give you a clear understanding of the numbers, detailed bookkeeping automation, and budgeting tools to give you the resources you need to invest in the growth of your shop.


  • Your team exceeds production goals on a daily basis.

  • You're free to focus on growing the shop and doing what you love, instead of babysitting.

  • Your customers get their cars back early, with a higher quality standard than you've ever delivered before.

I've read far too many Yelp and Google reviews from unhappy customers. Shops cut corners, miss a quality control check, miscommunicate, or forget to return a customer call. Simple things can upset the most picky customers - you can avoid these headaches by creating a shop defined by operational excellence.

My life is defined by operational excellence. I have a process for everything and know how to define, optimize, and document processes so they can be repeated and scaled.


My first shop was a multi-department one stop shop with complex projects, high car count, and a large team. 2 weeks into my time there, we had a system for job allocation, customer communications, and project management that cut the percentage of delayed jobs in half. I want to adapt that system to your shop.

Efficiency comes from defining clear processes to produce your shop's work and applying the right people to those processes. In the third step of the ShOptimizer growth program, I conduct an organizational restructure and create a standard operating manual for your shop. Your team will be aligned, doing their best work, and moving twice as fast in standardized processes, enabling them to be creative only where it really matters.

After going through the 3-step ShOptimizer growth program, your shop will be ready for the next level.

Are you ready to get started?